For switching from volume based to value-based care, 1:1 personalized patient care experience, physician alignment, and rising global costs Healthcare organizations must proactively address these challenges or risk to losing patients, physicians & ultimately revenue to competition.

The global healthcare CRM need is on the rise with the increased demand to know their patients better and communicate with them over the entire care continuum.

Our Salesforce professionals can help you configure and customize the following functionalities for the best caregiving experience:

  • Guide every patient on a personalized care journey by caregivers

  • Collaborate across the entire channels of the healthcare ecosystem

  • Use smart, real-time and insights to win the patient trust

  • Accelerate acquisition, enrollment, service, and innovation for increasing the ROI

  • Identifying the right physicians who will provide the best care for their patients, their referral patterns, the type of care they provide and who they provide care to

  • Track patient interaction activities, appointments, and follow-ups

  • Consolidate PHI in a centralized database

Industry Specific Solutions