Professional Services

Are you struggling to gain enough control of your project, resource planning & customer collaboration? We are helping professional services grow faster and become more profitable. With Salesforce solutions in Sales, Services, Marketing, communities, artificial intelligence, and analytics you can just tailor your business operations and get rid of the manual work to increase efficiency and higher results

Our Salesforce consultants will help you to gain unprecedented visibility across sales, services delivery and finance through the following:

  • Working on Services & Sales platform together for scoping, planning and pricing deals

  • Deliver deep visibility and faster customer collaboration across all the channels

  • Get the complete insights  for revenue forecasting and recognition & resource planning

  • Gain visibility into your sales & services pipelines

  • Activity tracking from lead acquisition to  project delivery on a single app

  • Powerful forecasting and analytics for getting  more control over everything involved in the project management

Industry Specific Solutions