Salesforce NPSP

From managing to fundraise to campaigns to volunteers and many more, the Nonprofit Success pack is a product developed by Salesforce is the world’s no.1 CRM tool which is specifically designed for the Nonprofit Organization as they are under constant pressure to lower operating costs and yet at the same time build constituent loyalty. With the motto of “helping those who help others” Salesforce provide the 10 free licenses to Nonprofits.

Our Salesforce NPSP experts can help you configure and customize the following functionalities for automated execution of your Nonprofit operations:

  • Constituents & Donors Management

  • Increasing your fundraising by tracking & automating donations

  • Project & program management

  • By providing the 360-degree insights of every constituent of the organization

  • By automating campaigns & marketing activities

  • Activity tracking

  • Increasing Volunteer engagements

  • Implementing strategy and measure performance to accomplish our goals

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