Real estate

With the rising competition in real estate business, agents and other professionals find it increasingly difficult to attract new clients as there are many hurdles associated with real estate agents in closing & win more deals because nowadays, the buyers have an array of choices before them while making their investment decisions.

Salesforce, the world’s no 1  CRM is an intuitive, customizable tool designed to automate certain important functions associated with the Sales, Services & Marketing strategies associated with real estate business.

Our Salesforce experts will help you to take your business at greater heights with the following customized solutions for the real estate industry.

  • Automation of Sales, Service & marketing

  • Providing the 360-degree view of all the customers to all the Agents

  • Quicker journey through the sales funnel and shortened sales cycle

  • Build intelligent insights & predictive analysis through AI

  • Providing customer support across all the channels

  • Make the system available for your reps anywhere they are and from any device

Industry Specific Solutions