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When quality is part of business as usual – rather than an add-on – it becomes a source of competitive advantage and improved customer experiences, helping you to respond to turbulence and opportunities as quickly as possible. We believe that effective testing will provide the backbone for any end to end quality management solution. We help you deliver quality software and to provide your end customers with the best experience. We are high achievers who make sure your product works perfectly and improves your customers’ life.

  • Software Testing

    Our approach to software testing is focused on early testing, predictable results, and all-encompassing accountability. We involve top QA talent on every project to ensure the resulting product complies with necessary quality standards and surpasses user expectations.

    • Resolve QA team scalability issues
    • Keep all stakeholders up to date with detailed reports
    • Handle change requirements without stress
    • Mitigate project risks
  • Automated Testing

    On large-scale and long-term projects we typically recommend our clients consider implementing test automation as a testing efficiency and cost mitigation tool. Our test engineers carry out a comprehensive review of the SDLC process to estimate the feasibility of introducing automation and help you decide on the optimal moment to implement it.

    • Implement web, mobile, and API testing automation
    • Run multiple tests in parallel on a variety of devices, platforms, or browsers
    • Leverage a modular, ready-to-go AQA framework
    • Release frequently and with confidence
  • Manual testing

    During manual testing, our quality assurance team checks the performance of your product on various devices, as well as analyzes its user interface and usability. Manual testing helps to identify vulnerabilities that can’t be detected automatically and provides personal feedback about the look and feel of your product. Manual testing benefits

    • Allows you to detect issues around usability or user interface.
    • Enable actionable testing outcomes for every newly developed still unstable software
    • Add a human touch to the testing process and help you to understand the overall user experience on an emotional level.
    • Help with finding bottlenecks during the initial development stage.

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At Mark Suntech Inc, we believe that effective testing will provide the backbone for any end to end quality management solution. We support our clients’ continuous quality with a core set of proven testing processes and underlying tools.

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